The Malta&Gozo Chiropractic clinic was set up by Nicolo Orlando in 2010.

In over a decade the clinic has been a roller cost of achievements and success. 

Since the beginning, we have treated and helped thousand of Maltese residents coping or resolving musculoskeletal conditions such as lower back  and neck pain as well as some forms of headaches and dizziness.

In 2011, we opened three more clinic locations on Malta (now, only in Mellieha and San Gwann).

In 2012 we expanded our clinic services base offering diagnostic musculoskeletal ultra-sonography to help athletes with various sport injuries.

In 2013, we  assisted the Maltese residents to benefit from the European and International standards of care expected by both practitioners and patients. Nicolo Orlando was the igniting member for the assembling of a National Association which took care of those standards; the Malta Chiropractic Association.

In the following years, we were contacted and enrolled by various film companies to assist movie directors and Hollywood actors who regularly benefited from chiropractic treatments throughout their Maltese journey.

After a short (forced) break during the 2 years of 2020 and 2021, we are happy to be back. We are excited to relaunch with a brand new web page that should make bookings, contacting-us and payment much faster and easier online.

Our goal is to continue to offer free advice on exercises routines, nutrition and healthy life-styles, highlighting some of the benefits that living in such a beautiful and naturally resourceful* Island has.


* the Mediterranean environment possibly offers the ideal location for the healthiest life that many people seek; a vast number of natural ailments and resources have been used for centuries to treat a number of mild conditions and boost overall health.




Chiropractic is the largest natural method of healthcare in the world.

Pain is a ‘special message’ transmitted to your brain, through the nervous system and to eliminate it, chiropractic professionals focus on treating the causes of physical problems, rather than addressing the symptoms. 

The primary treatment that separates chiropractic from other professions is the chiropractic adjustment, or joint manipulation. An adjustment is a specific, and skillful, technique that can be applied to any musculoskeletal joint to restore motion and functions. The specific and exact physiology occurring within a skeletal joint after an adjustment is not well understood yet however, it has been showed (with latest imaging technology) that the minor, but powerful, inflammation response caused by the precise joint thrust leads to healing stimulation and pain reduction. Moreover, since every articulation in the body has movement receptors (sensors which provide feedback to the brain on where the joint is in space), manipulation of the spinal (and extremity) joints improves mobility and relieves discomfort.

We have safely and successfully treated conditions such as:

Adjustments are safe and very effective when carried out by chiropractic practitioners qualified from accredited colleges.




I earned a Master of Chiropractic (MChiro) at the world renowned AECC (UK), in 2009.

I am dedicated in the management of low back pain and its characteristics often presenting as disc dysfunction, sciatica, lumbo-pelvic dysfunction, sacroiliatis, lumbar joint sprain and nerve entrapment which I treat with flexion/distraction techniques, chiropractic manipulation and spinal mobilization. I have also a particular commitment for the handling of muscular dysfunctions of the cervical spine which are associated to neck pain, shoulder heaviness, headache and dizziness.

My prime interest has always been in sport injuries and I use my almost 30 years of sport experience to treat athletes, amateur and professional, from initial acute phase to rehabilitation and, finally, specific training. My techniques of choice in such cases are active release techniques, (ART) and muscle reactivation protocols. I gained my first Sport Management Diploma at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, where I also assisted my tutor as he was the appointed therapist of the Springbok Rugby Team. During my studies, I also specialized in Pre/Post Natal Rehabilitation and Sport Specific Training.

Moreover, I developed, over the years, a keen interest in neurosensory training/rehabilitation which, latest research, has shown to be a very effective therapeutic method in the treatments of disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, during childhood and adolescence.

In 2012, I completed a Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography certification, for the upper and lower limbs, validated by the Consortium for the Accreditation of Sonographic Education (CASE), UK.

I understand that structures determine functions hence, optimal performance may only be obtained with optimal health. My favourite quote is: “you are what you eat”.