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Barcelona Chiropractic College Opens in October

Four years ago, a Dr. Adrian Wenban, a chiropractor who graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institution of Technology in Australia, but practices in Barcelona, Spain, decided that Europe needed “vitalistic” chiropractic college. He reasoned that since there were currently only four “mechanistic” chiropractic colleges graduating DC’s to serve the 700 million people of Europe, this would be the perfect time to create a college that would feature chiropractic principles and philosophy as an integral part of the curriculum.

Now, four years later, and after all the exhausting and diligent effort, financial sacrifices, red tape, and standard bureaucratic posturing, his original concepts and visions are about to be transformed into reality. The newly renamed Barcelona Chiropractic College (formerly called Schola Chiropratica Barcelona) plans to open its doors for 50 students on October 7, 2009. So what started as one man’s dream will manifest into a reality in just a few short years.

Thanks to people like Dr. Adrian Wenban and Dr. Marc Hudson, chiropractic is alive and well and will be living in Spain. I am thrilled that I was invited and I was emotionally moved by all the indefatigable effort of the countless numbers of volunteers.

So concept or idea, clarity of vision, massive and continuous action, great re-action to the adversities along the way, and time, really does equal the manifestation of your dreams.

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