Neck & Shoulders Pain

Neck pain can result from muscle tension caused by stress and fatigue; this tension often leads to headaches, migraines or other pain. In addition, muscle tension can put extra pressure on the joints of the neck which can irritate the spinal nerves supplying various body areas such as your shoulders, arms and hands.

In fact, this can give rise to:

  • ‘referred’ pain (the irritation of the nerve in one area can sometimes lead to pain in other parts of the body; this is known as ‘referred’ pain)
  • numbness
  • pins and needles,
  • weakness

Chiropractic has been proved to be an effective alternative to conventional remedies such as painkillers or visit to the hospital.

Chiropractic care in such condition consists of:

  • relieving muscle tension my soft and deep tissue work,
  • neck and/or shoulder adjustment that will free up joints and relieve pressure on the nerves,
  • passive stretch to ligaments around the affected area,
  • postural advice,
  • home exercises.

The shoulder complex is convoluted and often requires further investigative imaging such as Xray and/or MRI.