Clinical Facts

  • A chiropractic degree may be obtained upon completion of 5yrs of study at an accredited university. – www.cce­europe.com
  • The European Qualifications Framework (EQF), acknowledge chiropractic education as ‘Level 7’ – www.ec.europa.eu
  • In Malta, chiropractic is Legislated under the National Health System Act. and regulated by the Council for the Professions Complementary to Medicine, (CPCM). It is illegal for anyone to use the title ‘chiropractor’ unless registered with the CPCM. – www.sahha.gov.mt
  • The Malta Chiropractic Association was formed in 2013 to assist the CPCM and promote patient’s safety.
  • Chiropractic is the world’s 3rd largest primary health profession, after medicine and dentistry.
  • Latest 2009/10 British NHS Guidelines recommend chiropractic care as safe and more effective than traditional medicine for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions causing pain and disability.
  • Latest NICE Guidlines reccomend chiropractic care for persistent / chronic low back pain.
  • National Health System in European countries such as UK, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Denmark welcome and recommend chirorpactic care for back pain. – www.gccuk.org
  • Chiropractic is the only “complementary” profession to obtain European standards through the European Commitee for Standardization (CEN).
  • The world’s biggest study on Global Disease, shows that low back pain is among the 10 top (6th) disabilities.
  • Pain is a response to an inflammatory process; the preferred method to reduce it is to ICE the painful area and NOT HEAT it further.


Sport Facts

  • Transformers movie director, Michael Bay, was followed by a chiropractor during his Maltese movie set “13 Hours”.
  • Chiropractic was officially helping athletes at Beijing 2008/9 Olympics and will be at the London 2012/13 Olympic Games.
  • The Medical Chief responsible of AC Milan is a chiropractor.
  • Italian rowing team, and Olympic champion, was supervised by a chiropractor.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger benefited from chiropractic care during his body-building and acting career, (he arranged for a chiropractor to be on the set of his movie “Collateral Damage”) and still deliver enthusiasm and supporting statements for the profession.
  • Franco Colombu, Arnold’s many times rival in the Mr Olympia/Universe challenge, became a chiropractor after receiving chiropractic care. Dr Colombu is now Schwarzenegger personal chiropractor.
  • Elite rugby and football players receive chiropractic care regularly before, during and after the athletic seasons.
  • Tiger Wood receives chiropractic care before, during and after his golf races in the World Championship.
  • And much more…..


Legal Facts

  • In Malta, it is illegal to call oneself a chiropractor unless registered with the national Council for the Profession Complimentary to Medicine, (CPCM)