Neck & Shoulder Pain

Mrs Z, housewife and mother of a 2-month-old son, presented complaining of a constant dull ache between the shoulder blades which would often worsen to a sharp and stabbing pain an hour or so later after feeding time.

She reported that working as a secretary, before the birth of her daughter, while sitting at a computer desk for several hours every day could often bring on similar symptoms.

An examination of the spine revealed rounded shoulders and a subtle carrying forward of the head and neck. This posture occurred to try and avoid the pain of very tight muscles and restricted joint movement between the shoulder blades. The reason this all happened in the first place was from Mrs Z holding herself in an awkward position during feeding times (which can be often longer than expected and also require other necessary baby care procedures!). Chronic postural problems often result from people who work in desk-bound environments.

The treatment plan consisted of four to six visits and included spinal manipulations and muscle reactivation techniques, especially at the level of the shoulder blades. She was also given advice on posture during other daily activities.

Mrs Z improved by the third visit and is continuing care by visiting her chiropractic clinic every three to four months for spinal and postural screenings.