I had never heard of chiropractic. A passenger on the ferry to Gozo told me about Nicolo and I went to visit him the day after, as my low back was making my life miserable. I could not even walk normally and was limping noticeably.

When I met Nicolo, I called him ‘back guru’ as I couldn’t even remember the word chiropractic.

The first visit was the longest. I was very sceptical and full of questions. Nicolo was great and patient. He answered all my questions with calm and reassured me at every response. He helped me understanding the reason of my low back pain and the structures involved.

Eventually I decided to let him treat me.

After the first visit I noticed mild improvement but it was getting bad again just on the day of the second appointment. At the second visit I was still not 100% confident but Nicolo calmed me down and reassured me saying that more visits were needed to see improvements. After the second visit I was shocked how better my back felt. I could walk again normally, without a limp and I had no pain.

I managed to see Nicolo five times before the end of my holiday and I was smiling again; feeling great.

I promised myself that I will use chiropractic care regularly and keep my back, joints and muscles, subtle and lose.

Mrs B, Switzerland


I would like you to know that I would highly recommend you to anyone, you are extremely professional, thorough and honest.

Miss K, Ireland


I have had neck pain for months and visited many doctors and specialists who only told me it was caused by muscular stress. I was offered lots of medications but nothing seemed to help. At one point, my neck pain was so bad that I could not sleep anymore without waking several time during the night because of the pain.

A friend suggested me to visit Nicolo and so I did.

At first I was very scared and I was very sceptical but in the end I let him treat me.

At the first neck adjustment I nearly cried because I thought of ending up in more pain but when I went to bed that night I slept like a baby.

I could not believe it!

After weeks of sleepless nights I could sleep again pain free and in the morning my neck felt fantastic. I could move more and better without having any discomfort. I phoned Nicolo after two days, almost crying again, thanking him for the miracle he had done on me.

I visited him another four times in his clinic in Gozo and my neck is absolutely great. No pain and no stiffness.

I promised Nicolo to keep visiting him regularly throughout the year and to adopt a new lifestyle, with more exercise and better diet.

Dr Orlando literally saved me a life of pain and I wish I went to him first.

Thank you very much.

Mrs C, Gozo


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