Avdanced / Sport-Specific Programme

To get the most from your training programme, you must adapt it to the specific needs and goals of your sport.

Sport specific programs consist in a training regime that focus on combining, for example, plyometrics, speed, agility, quickness, functional training, medicine balls etc., to your sport. It includes training the muscles that are predominantly used, and with the right methods to achieve strength, power, or endurance, whatever is the need. This will ultimately result in exceeding performance while decreasing the risks of injuries.

This has been used for years in elite athletes, individuals and teams, and the results have been reported in several research paper.

An instance would be a golf player who needs to strengthen their core and rotator muscle groups to allow more power and stability in their swing. Or a boxer who needs to improve upper body strength while keeping flexibility and reflexes to quickly respond to, and avoid, being punched in the nose. Or a hockey player who needs to stabilize their ankles when on ice still being fast, reactive and precise in their passes.

These types of programmes are very challenging and if provided in an enjoyable routine can be lot of fun.