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    Malta Chiropractic Association is Formed

    As of 30th of June, 2013, Malta has a Chiropractic Association (MCA) registered as a Voluntary Non-Governmental Organization, NGO. The MCA is composed of four members: Nicolo Orlando (president) Elaine McDougall (vice-president) Steven Zammit (secretary / treasurer) Rus Hornstein (full member) The principle purpose of the MCA is listed as Educational, Heath, Social and Community Advancement. The MCA will protect the public safety in Malta, as well as promote chiropractic as a science and an effective health profession with the main goal to gain acceptance from, and to ensure collaboration with, other health professionals. MCA main objectives are: To ensure that its members possess high quality chiropractic qualifications following professional…

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    Neck Pain: Treatment for Cervical Disc Herniation

    Neck pain can be a disabling condition which may severely affect our daily lives and could also result in sleeplessness, chronic pain and depression. Patients with neck pain often present with arm pain in a specific dermatomal, and/or myotomal, pattern resulting in weakness of specific muscles and altered sensation, paresthesia. This is typically known as radiculopathy, where one or more nerve root is/are affected; the general term for such condition is neuropathy. In May 2013, the European Chiropractic Union (ECU) convention took place in Spain and amongst the many scientific topics, the ECU Research Council and the European Academy of Chiropractic (EAC), awarded the best research project presented by doctors…

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    Barcelona Chiropractic College Opens in October

    Four years ago, a Dr. Adrian Wenban, a chiropractor who graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institution of Technology in Australia, but practices in Barcelona, Spain, decided that Europe needed “vitalistic” chiropractic college. He reasoned that since there were currently only four “mechanistic” chiropractic colleges graduating DC’s to serve the 700 million people of Europe, this would be the perfect time to create a college that would feature chiropractic principles and philosophy as an integral part of the curriculum. Now, four years later, and after all the exhausting and diligent effort, financial sacrifices, red tape, and standard bureaucratic posturing, his original concepts and visions are about to be transformed into reality.…

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    Italian Parliament Passes Law on Chiropractic

    The Associazione Italiana Chiropratici (AIC) has announced that 17 years after the presentation of the first law proposal for professional recognition, on December 21, 2007, chiropractic was recognized by the Italian Parliament as a primary health care profession. For more than three decades, the AIC has led a determined struggle to secure this vitally important legal recognition for chiropractic, in the face of equally determine medical opposition. After years of unsuccessful attempts at professional recognition, an amendment concerning chiropractic, inserted into the annual budget law, finally opened the door of Italy’s nationalized healthcare system to Doctors of Chiropractic. In a country that has the highest ratio of MDs to patients…

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    Chiropractic Legislation Passes in French National Assembly

    The Association Fran­aise de Chiropratique (AFC) reports that the French National Assembly (the French equivalent of the U.S. House of Representatives) has passed by voice vote on Oct 4 amendment 178, a health care patient bill of rights first promoted by French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin in 1999. Under article 52 of the bill is language that legally recognizes chiropractic, a significant event, as chiropractors in France continue to be arrested and fined for “practicing medicine without a license.” Bill 178 is popularly called the “Kouchner law,” after the bill’s advocate, Bernard Kouchner,MD, the French Minister of Health. Dr. Kouchner was a founder in 1971 of the Paris-based health relief…

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