What We Treat

Chiropractic is the largest natural method of health-care in the world.

It focuses on treating the causes of physical problems, rather than addressing the symptoms. It is based upon a very powerful premise: imperfections within any body structures, particularly the spine may, and often do, cause problems with its functions, in particular the nervous system. The latter, controls virtually every function of one’s body, from movements to respiration, sleeping and even your feelings.

Pain is transmitted to your brain through the nervous system.

The primary treatment that separates chiropractic from other professions is the chiropractic adjustment, or manipulation. An adjustment is a specific, and skillful, technique that can be applied to any joint of the body to restore motion and function. It is presumed that, once nerve irritation has been eliminated resulting in reduced pain transmission, all functions will be restored and your body can better heal.

Adjustments are safe and very effective when carried out by chiropractors qualified from accredited colleges. Latest research confirms that these adjustments are particularly useful in the acute and chronic state conditions such as low back or neck pain, referred pain, muscle weakness and headaches.

Particularly, in countries that do not benefit from Legislative control, many unqualified individuals are doing crude forms of spinal manipulation in the guise of massage. This is a dangerous situation. Any patients should always always undertake through a detailed history and physical examination before receiving a spinal joint manipulation, as certain conditions are considered to be contraindication to such maneuver.