Postural Dysfunction

By any health profession definition, your posture is the position of your ligaments, muscles, and spinal bones.

If any of these mentioned structures is faulty it will present as postural imbalances further being the consequence of other condition such as headache, limping and pelvic tilt. Activities such as sleeping, walking and standing may be, and often are, also disturbed by your postural dysfunction.

Chiropractors understand that the door to your posture is the spine.

Looking at the spine from the back it should be perfectly straight, whereas taking a side-view at the spine there should be noted three curves. These spinal curves are extremely important as they act as weight distribution devices trough your entire body.

Misalignment of any of the bones of the spine may not only may result in pain but can also lead to early degeneration and disorganize the forces spread in every joint resulting in entrapped nerves. Severe postural dysfunctions may also affect your breathing as your rib cage space may be reduced.

This is the precise aim of chiropractic care; restore balance and correct alignment in your spine.