Pre/Post Natal

Pregnancy is a time when the body undergoes many physical changes at a very fast pace.

The main issue to address in a woman’s body during pregnancy is postural changes taking place due to increased size and weight of breast & uterus. These ‘overloads’ are in the front of the body which adds pressure to the low back and sacroiliac joints. Furthermore, to make things more complex, the hormone relaxin is released as early as 3 weeks which allows softening of joints & ligaments to accommodate the growth of the fetus and helps in easier delivery.

Some of the structures being affected during pregnancy are the pubococcygeus muscles, which make up the pelvic floor. These have several important roles and can experience dysfunction during or following pregnancy, i.e. urinary incontinence, sexual performance, and spinal stabilization.

Training these muscles through a Pre/Post Natal therapy and more advanced exercises is almost a must for a ‘trouble-free’ pregnancy and a healthy baby as well as a faster return to optimal self conditioning.