Study Chiropractic

study_chiropracticA chiropractic degree may be obtained studying in one of about thirty accredited colleges throughout the world:

  • 17 in USA,
  • 2 in Canada, (only one in taught in English)
  • 2 in Australia,
  • 3 in UK, (visit the  General Chiropractic Council, for more updated information)
  • 1 in Japan, (no English teaching)
  • 1 in Denmark, (no English teaching)
  • 1 in France, (no English teaching)
  • 1 in Sweden,
  • 1 in New Zealand,
  • 2 in South Africa, (only one is accredited by the European Council)


All colleges listed, except the specified, are accredited by the A.C.C.E. (American Chiropractic Council of Education) and the ECCE (European Council of Chiropractic Education).

All teaching is in English language due to 90% of text books being written in English.

In the UK there are over 2,000 practicing chiropractors and the profession is growing year on year. Nearly all chiropractors work as private health care providers, although some do provide services through the NHS.

Chiropractic is unique among health care professions in that there are internationally set standards of education, meaning that qualification from an internationally accredited education establishment truly furnishes you with a portable qualification to take across the world*.

In UK, in common with medical practitioners and dentists, all chiropractors are registered by Law under the Chiropractors Act 1994 and the title ‘Chiropractor’ is protected under this legislation.

* Individual countries may have additional specific requirements you need to fulfill before you can practice.

Accredited Chiropractic Institutions in the World