Case Histories


 Miss F, a 36 years old career-driven lady presented on Nov/2003 complaining of neck and top of shoulder pains as well as headaches to the back, sides and front of the skull …read more



Low Back Pain

 Mr S, a 42 years old marketing director, was complaining of a constant, nagging, dull ache type of pain in his low back. He reported to have been suffering from low back pain for over 15 years and the discomfort was …read more



Mid Back Pain

 Mr R, a 56 years old carpenter, presented to the clinic with constant mid back pain of 2 weeks duration. The pain was felt deep in the mid back and was worsening since its onset. Mr R confirmed …read more



Neck & Shoulder Pain

 Mrs Z, housewife and mother of a 2-month-old son, presented complaining of a constant dull ache between the shoulder blades which would often worsen to a sharp, stabbing pain an hour or so later after feeding time …read more