Deep Tissue Therapy

It refers to the ability of different techniques to access the level of dysfunctional muscle tissue. Deep must not be confused with high pressure.

The purpose of deep tissue therapy is to facilitate the triggering of the healing reflexes of the patient’s body.

It is often recommended for:

  • Individuals who experience consistent pain,
  • People involved in heavy physical activity, such as athletes,
  • Patients who have sustained physical injury.

After receiving a treatment of deep tissue therapy, it is not uncommon to experience a mild muscle ache for a day or two; this is because of the level at which the treated muscle has been reached and treated.

It is important, of course, to let the practitioner know how and what you are feeling during and after the treatment.

Drinking a glass of water or two is always recommended after the treatment as it helps removing all the toxins and waste being reintroduced in to circulation.

Techniques used are usually: deep cross friction, trigger point therapy, muscle stripping.