Or more commonly referred to as insole, are probably the best comfort creation after trainers or sport shoes. Any woman who spends more than 6 hours standing on heel will confirm that.

So what is the big fuss about? Beside comfort, orthotics allow the foot to bend and twist maintaining its anatomical arches.

Plantar arches are anatomical curves that act as shock absorbers when we walk, run, stand, jump and anything else that you may think of when you are vertical. Every foot has three arches (in turn formed by bones, muscles and ligaments) which are fundamental for the distribution of your weight throughout the body and counterbalance gravitational forces.

If this is still unclear, take a look at the bottom of your walking shoes and try to compare the outer and inner sides and then right and left shoes. If they are worn out equally, congratulations! You have a good posture and walking stance. If they are not, beware of ankle pain, muscles imbalance resulting to weakness in the ankles and legs, thigh muscle spasm and lastly, also very common, low back pain. More weight distribution in one side compared to the other may also result in your toes, and half foot, to be tender and prone to blisters.

Orthotics will give your feet their natural shape while walking, standing or running avoiding any of the consequences explained above.

Conclusion, keep your feet happy!

We DO NOT make customized insoles, but we can advise whether, or not, you need it.