Pre/Post Natal Therapy

There are several reasons why a pregnant woman should follow an exercise regime that will prepare her for the delivery; and as many reasons to follow up the same regime after birth.

Some of the most important factors are:


  • physical therapy can help with back pain and other injuries related to pregnancy,
  • maintaining correct alignment and core strength as your joints become more flexible,
  • strengthen abdominal and pelvic muscle to facilitate expulsion,
  • shorten delivery time,
  • quicker return to pre-pregnancy figure,
  • minimize post-partum stretch marks and abdominal muscle separation (known as ‘diastasis recti’).

There are several contraindications that should be kept in mind and a thorough medical history and physical examination are, then, necessary to avoid unexpected complications. Once the ‘all-clear’ has been given by a qualified professional, a detailed programme will be individually designed for each mum.

The safe practitioner will take in to consideration your health as well as that of your baby.